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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Game Of Catch Up -Kim-

So once again I have been slacking. I just have too much on my plate. Lets see the funny story I had for you was that my deep freezer in the basement had this weird smell coming from it, so I decided to investigate. Well I had originally thought it was because some of the meat was bad... well it was bad meat alright but because my freezer decided to defrost itself. So me and my dad were cleaning out this freezer while my mom watched my daughter for me. OMG it smelt horrible. Like a dead body. We had to load up 2 big tubaware things up and throw them out.

See the funny part was when we were throwing it away we had to load up the truck with this rank ass meat and drive it to a dumpster surrounded by people. It was so funny because people were looking at us all weird. They probably thought it was a dead body cut up lol haha they looked at us in concern and disgust. Guess you had to be there. I was def. geeking.

In other news to 7ladybugz I tried to go geocaching... it didn't work out to well. The last person who found this one decided to move it from its location and make some type of puzzle you have to figure out to find it now. So needless to say I don't know what I am doing yet to figure it out. Oh and my other issue is that nobody wants to do it with me :( its not too fun looking for these alone. I look like a weirdo searching for drugs or something lol. I need to find someone before I do this again. I have found out that there is some in Ireland around where we will be staying. Who knows maybe I will be able to get my bf to look for some when we get bored.

Well once again I'm off to class I will ttyl. Any good news???

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  1. Hey thats awesome about geocaching! You know my email ... drop me a line and I will help you out!

    As for the freezer... been there and done that! A picture fell behind one of our big freezers and knocked both of our freezers plugs out. We didn't notice for I don't know how long as those were surplus freezers for extra meat or meals etc.

    A friend came over and leaned against the freezer and the lid cracked open a bit....ARGH OMG what the hell did you eat? we thought he had ripped ass or something lol We found out pretty quick where it came from and I made hubby and son carry both freezers outside where I had to unload them and they took the goodies to the dump! I then put pine sol in them and pressure washed them out LOL Never again will we hand picture above a freezer LOL