Do Not Quit

Friday, March 11, 2011

TGIF AGAIN!!! I Need A Break! -Kim-

   Hey everybody guess what I actually made it to blog today... AMAZING! lol I actually got all my work done besides math homework and studying for my test on Monday. It is such a good feeling. I feel like 20 lbs was just taken off me...wait a min I did loose 20 lbs hahahaha. I know lame joke right? What do you expect I'm bored as all hell waiting for my class to begin....and then I will be bored out my mind in there until psychology.

  I have been trying to keep up with your blogs to see how everyone has been doing on their diets and it seems everybody is doing great!! Well... some one has disappeared for a week and one had a little bit of a breakdown but is back on their feet. You guys make me proud I know seriously I sound like a mother, But no lie I am proud of all of you when I get stressed out or feel like I just want to quit( I know everyone has had one of those days) you guys inspire me to keep pushing forward. It really is nice having a support system. And damn if I didn't chose some fine people or they chose me :) I thank you guys that chose to follow me. You have great taste lol jk.

  So has anybody else noticed that even if they decide to cheat one day they can not eat that much? I don't know about you but my body is already trained to take in smaller portions. It's a great feeling. I just hope this helps me out come Ireland. I tried to eat some wings and fries... I know bad right? I could eat 9 wings but the fries I couldn't eat too much. I felt overly stuffed from them 9 wings and the weird thing is I didn't eat almost all day. Normally if I went almost all day without eating and somebody put wings in front of me I would SMASH! Wings are my weakness!!

  I also noticed a lot of things that used to taste amazing to me no just taste eh... That's a good thing considering I loved fried foods... and just greasy food in general. No I don't mean greasy as in grease all over them I mean involved grease to be cooked or pizza. No matter where you get pizza at it is always greasy. I use a paper towel even when it doesn't look bad and dab it off. Try it one time you will be surprised at what you see.

  Well I'm off to class now. I will most likely blog again tonight when I'm nice and bored because Boy do I have a story for you about last night. It was HORRIBLE!! TTYL and TGIF!!! Keep up the good work and as always I'm here if you need to talk if its personal feel free to email me


  1. I love wings too :)
    My portion size is already controlled because I cant eat too many things :(
    Keep up the good work and have fun in Ireland :)

  2. yea wings are awesome... thanks and i will def. try to have fun. btw why cant you eat too many things I don't know if you wrote about that or not if its personal never mind then and sorry!