Do Not Quit

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I DID IT!!!! -Kim-

 I officially walked 44 miles and it took me 21 days well really the every Saturday and Sunday and one week day for 21 days :) That is exciting and I am still walking more. I am trying to figure out what I want yo make next months goal. If 44 miles were reached in 21 days and there is 31 days in a month I think I might try for 60 miles. Does anyone think that sound about right or am I pushing it? I just have to remember I am not only walking now I am kickboxing and doing Pilate's too. I don't want to push so many miles on myself and not be able to move lol. I def. think 60 is fine I will wait for your opinions too though. That is just  5 miles a week and two 2 miles a week, sometimes I walk 3 instead of 2 miles so it will be even less. 4 days a week I CAN DO THAT!!  I feel like that quote I love and my fellow blogger (Ashley) put on one of her blogs"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't  I give myself reasons why I can!" Very well put and very inspirational/motivational. I CAN AND I WILL!!

 This is officially the longest I have been on a diet and I have to say its like McDonald's "I'm lovin it" lol haha. But seriously I really do enjoy it. It doesn't feel like a diet, just a life change. Actually I feel like I am going back to what I used to be. I Love WW it has changed my life and the way I look at dieting. I have never though I would be anxious to step on a scale every week. Anxious to measure my self. Anxious to pictures of my fat lol, but I am, and I feel great. It is easy to stick with I can eat the things I love still and the stuff I used to think I couldn't live with out eating I have proved myself wrong. I also learned certain things are only ok once in a while and I now accept that not think of it as a punishment.

 I used to look at something and be like I cant eat that because I am fat and it will just make me gain more weight. Now I look at it and I think to myself wow how can they eat that its so unhealthy, or if its still something I want I say to myself hmm that will be my next cheat day ;) Yes even I cheat. I know AMAZING right? Brittany seems to think so. Love ya Brit!

 Another thing I think that keeps me motivated it going out to stores and restaurants and seeing WW approved meals or under so many calorie meals(even with these if you have your calculator and ask for nutrition info they are happy to give it you) its really motivating. The number one thing however that keeps me going is certain ppl here's the run down: My Mother, Brittany, My boyfriend(love ya babe), 7ladybugz, Ashleysweigh, bitch cakes(Amazing Blog), and Full Figured Foodie( but I don't know what happened to her shes MIA) I know mushy but seriously I could not do it with out all of you. You keep me motivated keep my head up when I am depressed Make me laugh when nothing else seemed to that day. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME AMAZING WOMEN AND MAN (my bf lol) I am glad I have met  you guys and you are all trying to accomplish what I am. Hang in there, hopefully I help you move forward too when all you really feel like doing is stopping.

 Enough of my speeches lol I probably look like an advertiser for WW and a super emotional person which I am none of the above but I do like to let ppl know when I think they have been a great inspiration or motivation for me. Thanks for reading this long blog.

 Does anybody have any good news??? Any bad new you want to vent about?? I'm here as always to listen. TTYL. Keep your heads up and keep up the Great work!!


  1. Awww, thanks! :D Believe me, you definitely keep me motivated too, as well as a select other people that I follow and that follow me! This is also the longest I have been on a diet and it feels wonderful... I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything or that I'm starving myself (like I used to do in the past). I've actually found a ton or recipes that I really enjoy.. and ground turkey has become my best friend! I think it tastes wonderful and I definitely don't miss ground beef.

    I am so excited for summer because I know that I -WILL- hit my 50lb lost goal by then, and will be in ONEderland, and that is just super exciting and motivating! (I just need to get back on and STAY on the exercise band wagon!)

    Oh and if I were you, I would set a goal for 50 miles for the month. Just so that you aren't pushing yourself TOO much, and if you easily complete that, then go for 60 the next month and etc. :) It should help a lot considering you are doing pilates and kickboxing as well.

    Keep up the good work!! (and sorry for this huge comment! lol)

  2. Thanks for the advice and I def. think you will hit that 50 mark come summer too. I am also aiming for that although I cant seem to loose more than 2 lbs a week if I even loose that. Oh and don't worry about the long comment I really appreciate it!

  3. Hey there my sexy incredible awesome amazing friend :) Yes you Kim!!! LOL
    I personally don't think that you should push yourself to beat your walking amount each month. I would (and I am taking my own advise as well!)start out and just walk for one month normally and see how far you walk. The next month add 5 miles to it and keep that distance for about 3 months and then increase it by another 5 miles.
    If you try and push yourself too hard it will become a chore and you will end up not wanting to do any form of physical exercise!
    Kim~HUG~ you never have to thank me for motivating you... it works both ways you know :) You motivate me and I motivate you... totally win win :)
    Luvs yas

  4. I think 7ladybugz is probably right. You never want exercise to become a chore. I think that's what happened to me and why I lost motivation to work out and just quit. Now, i'm slowly gaining back motivation and little by little getting exercise back in daily but man I wish I wouldn't have gave up. Good thing I at least kept my eating good. :)

    Also, 2 lb a week is plenty enough to lose another 30lb by summer. :) Just try maintain at least 2 pounds and you will be good... the more the better! I am HOPING for 3 this week but we'll see.

  5. AWW THANKS you guys are too sweet and Yea I think I still want to increase it because it was a little too easy to meet that goal plus I walked a lot more than I recorded. I don't trust the step counter things so I usually map out my route and then walk it so anything I didn't map I don't count.
    I am glad I motivate you guys also Its amazing what blogging can really do for people. I luv you guys too. its just too bad you guys live all the way across the world. Im telling you plane ticket and vacation lol haha