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Monday, March 21, 2011

No Pain No Gain -Kim-

  Like I have told everyone I have been doing kickboxing. The workout calls for 2-3 times a week. Being as I am busy through the week I decided to do my workout on Saturday and Sunday. so this is how may weekend went. Friday night I went for a 5 1/2 mile walk. Saturday morning I woke up and did kickboxing then 40 sit ups on an exercise ball and 20 squats. I walked 2 miles on Saturday night also. On Sunday I did kickboxing tried yoga for about 10 mins then I noticed it was way too boring and slow for me so I moved on to belly dancing for beginners(should have listened to 7ladybugz) I am still way too fat for that lol so I moved on to Pilate's and ended the day with a 3 mile walk.

  Needless to say I lay down last night and started to stiffen up.... great I thought let me jump up and pop some ibuprofen so I did and I woke up completely stiff as shit. My arms hurt to lift my lower abs hurt to bend the only thing that doesn't hurt are my legs. My friend keeps telling me I am over doing it, I think no pain no gain. Maybe I am wrong but I am trying to get a higher weight loss each week and that means I have to workout more. We will see if it works. I think I will either gain or stay the same at least one of these weeks because muscle weighs more than fat and my muscles will be swollen from working out and being stiff. Or that's what a personal trainer I was talking to told me in the gym when I used to go there. I can tell you right now that my muscles are def. swollen so when I weigh in on Wednesday I hope that it will go down a little bit. I don't want to gain 2 lbs this week :( I hope to loose or stay the same.

  Has anybody else been working their butts off? Any weigh-ins besides Ashley's?  Great Job once again. I hope mine is up there with yours. Any advice needed or motivation needed?? I will blog later if anything interesting happens if not ttyt. Keep up the good work all!!


  1. Great job on working out! You're doing great! As for me, I haven't had the motivation to work out in weeks and I don't know what the deal is. I think I will slowly bring exercising back into my routine, starting with squats & crunches every day, then probably moving back up to the 30 day shred, or something. I think that's what made me lose motivation in the first place, LOL.

  2. Thanks!! You will get back to it just try something different. I tried different exercises and I gave up on them too. Then I found kickboxing on top of walking and it was great just kicks my ass. lol. Good luck I know you will get there. try working out with someone it motivates you more.

  3. Maybe you should take it a bit easier on your body :) The no pain no gain theory is right in some respects but your body is telling you to SLOW DOWN MOMMA lol ~HUG~

  4. lol yea I dont know besided being stiff I felt amazing. No lie. I felt more energized and just all in all happier/better