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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WooHoo -Kim-

  Let me start this off with a positive note I stepped on my scale today and it said I weigh 190.8 which in weight watchers usually would be 191.8 which means if its true this time and I don't get fooled again I lost 3.6 lbs this week :) yay!! I hope so I will really think they are scamming me out of my money if i go in there tomorrow and they say I stayed the same again, I have been monitoring the difference between our scales since day 1 and its always been a pound cept last time urghhh damn last time lol.

  So this stress fracture or whatever it is is really starting to be a pain in me arse lol When I go for walks I come home and its throbbing I wake up and its soooo sore that when I put my weight on it I wanna smack someone lol its one of those nice out of nowhere shocking type pains. I just woke up really thats the first thing I have to feel? I had no choice but to take it easy for the last 2 days and its been hard it drives me crazy not getting my walks in now. So needless to say Im walking tonight at least 2 miles. I got my 2 miles down to 30 mins and my 5 1/2 miles down to 1 hour and 15 mins I hope it will still be the same now that my foot hurts and I haven't walked it for a couple days.

  I went to walmart and bought myself some danskin workout pants I love yoga/exercise pants now days. But I am finding it harder and harder to fit in them. I wore an xl before then went to a large and sometimes a medium. Heres the thing though larges are too big in the waist and mediums are too small sometimes. I think they should come out with a size called mlarge or ledium lol it would help me much. I also went and got some new walking sneakers. If you havent tried Nike Shox before you should def. try them they aren't the best looking shoes but they are sooOOooo freaking comfortable. Im in love.

  I figure when I leave for Ireland it would be lighter luggage if I wear exercise pants the whole time and just bring one or two good outfits just incase. Its supposed to only be in the high 30's or low 40's when we get there... so I need to be comfy. Its like Montana all over again. Or really I wish. I loved Montana if you like nature and you have not been there try to go. And stay at Big Sky lodge It was so much fun and not that expensive considering we booked at last min. lol leave it to me and the bf. Oh and to 7ladybugz I will keep my eye open for that damn leprechaun I have been hunting him down for years. I will take pics and post a few of the good ones in here. Who knows you might still hear from me if they have wifi where I stay and a converter for american outlets. A little more than 2 weeks before I leave. Not looking forward to the flight :(

  Well Im off for my walk and then I got to hit the books AGAIN!! Why me. I couldnt just stick to 3 days a week could I. TTYL. Where the good news people?? Our eyes are open and would like to congratulate. What if I started handing out Good Cookie awards... would you tell us then or want to kill me because we are dieting and cant have a cookie? Then it would be like subliminal messaging and I would wind up making you crave a freaking cookie. Hmmm maybe I will just think of another award :) lol.

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    I think it is awesome you lost 3lbs this week.
    I also don't think you should be walking on the injured foot without getting it checked out because you could be doing more damage.Just go and get it checked out and if you have to rest it a few days then so be it at least you will know before you head off to Ireland where it will cost you an arm and a leg to get medical treatment!!!!
    Thanks for looking out for my lucky charm man LMAO