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Monday, February 28, 2011

Its still dragging on -Kim-

So I had school all day today as every monday wednesday and friday but for some reason this day dragged... ugh It still is too I just can't wait for it to be over. On the good side my psychology class had me rolling.

Right before class my friend asked me to sign her in on the attendance sheet because she had to leave early for a family emergency so I decided I would do it this once. I get in class and sign her in. Now the only time my professor decides to randomly call someones name off the list is today and guess what... yup you got it he calls her name. lol HAHA was I laughing so hard as I say she had to leave so I signed her in. The sad part of all is he says "oh ok thats fine with me" umm HELLO are you serious you really didn't notice there was never anyone sitting beside me. lol. too funny.

 Now to talk more about this class he looks like that guy from the office and dinner for schmucks.... steve something or other... but old and creepy. I mean CREEPY!! He says things that just remind me of a perv or a child molester its very strange. I feel bad talking about him but I had to let that out and vent. He really does.

 Lets talk about the weather now... Its raining AGAIN!! No walks for Kim until this weekend probably. How about everything else? Anybody work out?  Loose any more weight? Weigh In? lol Im so bored somebody entertain me with some interesting news. Well I don't want to bore you guys any more so ttyl when I have something interesting to say until then.....


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