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Sunday, March 6, 2011

So.....Results! ~~~> Brittany

Its 12 am...and yes im just getting in from work lol. So in better news while I haven't been weighing in at WW's ive been keeping track on my home scale and im down 8 lbs since I started. Not great but not bad 4 weeks in and i average 2 lbs a week. Once I add some exercise into the equation i should really start to see some movement on the scale. What I like about Weight Watchers is that even though im on a "diet" i don't feel like I'm missing out. Pizza is my all time favorite food damn straight, any diet where i can eat pizza is the diet for me. I don't even feel like im on a diet just learning how to make healthier choices. I still eat junk from time to time but hey im human sue me. My car broke down not to long ago so I've been on the bus, but soon i should get a car and once i do i can go to the gym more often. well thats all for now gn

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  1. Take your ass to weight watchers and weigh in plz so i can make you tickers.... I don't trust at home scales they lie!! Thanks keep up the good work lol bahaha