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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Upset but at the same time not -Kim-

So today was my weigh in. Hmmm. What an interesting story. So as you all know I have been walking. Sat i walk 5 1/2 miles Sun I walked 5 1/2 miles and Tues I walked 2 miles so I have walked 13 miles since sat. I have not cheated at all and I rarely ever do. And I mean RARELY. So to continue this story I loose at least 2 lbs every week. I weighed myself on my scale and it said I lost 2 lbs and my scale is usually off 1 lbs so i was like ok well i lost a pound at least. I go in and step on there scale and the woman says you stayed the same. How is this possible when I already know the difference of my scale and theirs. Get this this though I hand her my card to ring me up and she tells me its denied I looked at her with this um what face and said "thats impossible I know there money on there" and she goes "hold on let me get my glasses"(mind you she already printed my sticker with my weight on it) and she says "oh let me get my glasses...oh well that makes sense I put zeros where the ones were" So my question is do they type the weight in on the stickers because if they do did i really loose 1 lb and she saw a zero like with my card???

Oh well... such is life. I exercise more and weigh more I saw this coming but later on. I don't think I gained muscle yet. Strange. Its ok though I'm keeping my head up because I am already proud of what I accomplished so far and how I am now accomplishing walk wise. Theres still more weight to be lost and I am motivated more than ever.

As for my math test yesterday IT SUCKED!! lol I went in there thinking I would do great and I think I just did Ok.... I guess lol.

I now have a new goal. I am trying to walk as much as possible in a month... well duh but now I have a minimum amount of miles I will accept from myself. I have to walk at least 44 miles a month. Considering I already walked 13 this week I think I should be Ok, but Im still scared Im going to mess this one up. See Im going to Ireland the last week of march until april 3rd I think. Im gonna be so frustrated!! I have to somehow get my walking in and monitor points while still enjoying my vacation, and not stressing my bf out. This is going to be VERY interesting!!

Well I have a 5 page essay to start writing and a thousand page essay. UGH! So I will talk to you guys later....


  1. Don't worry about it! You are feeling good and exercising and that is the main part!
    I am proud of you no matter what!

  2. aw thanks so much! and I answered your question about popchips. Also Thanks again for the award :)