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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wouldn't You Laugh Too? -Kim-

Ok so my friend called me up and we will not mention her name for confidentiality reasons lol haha but yea anyway we were talking and out of nowhere she tells me she has a lump on her ass... I was like um why are you telling me this. Well the conversation weirdly continues and I ask if its a or a bump or a lump she informs me its a lump and asks me if I think it could be cancer now I'm laughing hysterically and she says seriously so you think it could be cancer? My only reply was if you ever called me up and said you went to the doctor and they found a lump and examined it to find out that you had cancer and I say Omg I'm sorry where and you happen to reply on my ass I would be done! Lol Hahaha that is just too funny to me. And I know I'm real messed up THIS IS CANCER WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! but I can't help but laugh. Seriously does that happen? Who has ever had a friend or family member call you up and say hey I just wanted to let you know I was diagnosed with ass cheek cancer bahaha. Yea I'm sick! Or maybe some people just don't have a good sense of humor cuz that shit is hilarious!!!! O well.. moving on....

So I am having internet issues right now and am blogging on my phone. Not fun at all so this is gonna be about all I'm going to write about tonight. I weigh in tomorrow I'm kind of scared I will fill you in on why tomorrow.

Does anyone have any good news?? Did anyone loose weight of worst case gain and they wanna vent about it? I'm here for anybody so until then or until tomorrow which ever ones first I will ttyl8r. I wont hold my breath for the first one :) goodnight fellow bloggers keep up the great work.


  1. ROFLMAO that shit right there is funny!!
    I had a friend come over and tell me that she passed out on her bed naked after having sex. (why do people share this shit with me i don't know LOL)Anyway, she had a kitten and kitten smelled something fishy, if ya know what i mean, and took a bite LMAO
    she woke up and didn't sleep at all that night cuz she thought she would get rabies from the cat. So she came over to my place and told me this and I am crying i am laughing so hard! I told her I didnt want to see it but she should go to the doctor right away (I am evil like that ya know LOL). She went to the doctor and the doc took a look and was laughing all the time and said she was fine but she should lock the kitten out or wear underwear in future ROFLMAO Sorry I just had to share that we are both warped LOL

  2. lol WOW haha i think that beats mine. By far the strangest thing I have heard for a good while. but Im glad we both have twisted minds and its not just me :)

  3. You could get skin cancer on your ass it's skin too.

  4. ^^^hey brittany you have no say in this GOT ME lol jk but duh but still thats funny and a random thing to hear HEY I GOT CANCER ON MY ASS CHEEK