Do Not Quit

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Nooooo!! -Kim-

So it is now monday and I noticed I have not blogged for basically two days because I don't count thanking   people for an award as blogging. I have been going crazy over here because of these damn papers!!! I got done most of them and then my teachers decided they want to pile more up on me :( when will I get a break???? I know when... when I finally graduate and seeing as that isn't going to happen for a good while Im gonna have to find a good way of relieving this stress. Im thinking I might pick up Yoga, or Pilates on my non walking days.

So lets see what have you guys missed.Oh that's right I messed my foot up something serious. I don't know exactly what I did but I was walking my nice 5 miles with my daughter in the stroller and the side walks were all messed up so while I was steering the stroller I was actually twisting my foot weirdly and walking I guess you would say I was walking on the side of my foot. Soooo yea I have what my mom thinks to be a stress fracture. Its not healing too well either because I don't skip my walks I don't care if I am in pain or not!!!

Ok so I have to share this I decided to go walking at 10:30 at night with my mom. I know not safe... but I had protection with me. Any way I tried to do one of those speed walk things you know where they say straighten you back roll your feet heel to toe bend you arms and move them back and forth as you walk and move your hips side to side. this supposively uses every muscle and burns more calories. Well I tried it and let me tell you I looked like a crazy person on drugs trying to be sexy shifting my fat hips and ass back and forth lol I looked like a hot mess. It was hilarious. My mom was laughing so hard, especially when someone turned their headlights right on me and as they drove by they looked at me like what the hell is your problem. lol Had to share that with someone.

Moving on my weigh in is coming up again!! YAY! I feel like this one will be better than the last time or really I hope so. I am really trying for that 20 lbs more would be fine too lol. Speaking of ww I am really iffy about Ireland I have to try to get my walking in which shouldn't be a problem and stick to my points where they most likely don't have weight watchers points on menu's UGHH I hate guesstimating.

Well I am off to my last class I will try to blog later. Hope everyone is doing well and has accomplished something they are proud of this week. Good luck all. Feel free to share anything thats been happening.


  1. Lol, I've swung my arms while walking before and I felt like a complete fool, but I felt the burn!

    Good luck on losing 20 pounds!

  2. LOL I usually try not to walk like that because people think you need the "special bus" to come and pick you up LOL
    It is supposed to be true though that you burn more calories if you walk like a total idiot lol
    Hey, when are you heading to Ireland? You will have fun there and all the great food Mmmm
    Good luck on your weight loss and BRING ME BACK A LEPRECHAUN LOL

  3. I leave in a little more than 2 weeks I think lol. The last week of march I posted in my new blog that I would Look for that damn leprechaun for you