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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brittany's Corner

So I've literally been getting my ass in gear this week! Not to say there weren't a few points of weakness, or a mishap with a pizza (god i loooove pizza!!!) but i made it and i get a gold star. lol Finally hit the 10 lb mark on my scale today!!!!! (lots of exclamation points today) But results make me smile and they make me wanna work harder for next week. Though i'm still guesstimating points, i feel that the choices i make i do with the points in mind. I pass over a certain brand of snack knowing that that snack is higher in points value than that snack and i keep my meals in a low point range buy eating smart ones or meals with many veggies and lean protein, im familiar with the serving sizes and points value of certain foods i eat so i know that i can eat them and not worry about blowing up like a balloon. Im not a breakfast person so instead of skipping breakfast i drink a meal replacement instead, sometimes for lunch too if im not hungry. And for the past two weeks i've been working out three days a week so no wonder i'm seeing some changes. I'm really worried about my skin though so i've been using a coco butter dry oil as well as vitamin E on my "problem areas" and exfoliating every other day. So my goal for this week is to drink more water to improve my skin, Avoid obvious pitfalls like pizza and those awesome biscuits at the popeyes across from my job oh and junk food.

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  1. Congrats on the (loss of) 10 pounds!!

    I'm not a breakfast person either, never have been, even as a kid... but I'm trying to teach myself to eat it every day, or most days.

    Keep up the great work!