Do Not Quit

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello again everyone!! I am back but if you look past my explanation points that's how I honestly feel about stepping my feet back onto American soil, well except a few places like Montana(Love it there) and Pennsylvania (certain parts). I feel like I did ok there points wise, but you never know so I am just crossing my fingers that I lost weight not gained. The food there was Amazing and I found out they have a lot of our products or chain restaurants but better. For instance our coca cola has 4 points plus value for one can and which is 355 ml and the coca cola in Ireland has one point per 250 ml which means one can is what 1.5 points. Also their coca cola is made with vegetable extracts as well as their potato chips. If anyone has had hunky dorys they will agree with me if not you HAVE to try them. MMMmmmmMM!!

Another thing I love about Ireland is how nice everyone is. Me and the bf stopped to look at something and I guess looked overly confused or something because whenever we did this someone had to stop and ask if we were looking for something or needed help with anything. And on the news a little girl in a Ireland was attacked by some older guy and the people passing in their cars decided to stop and beat this guy up and saved the girls life. Nobody where I live would do this or even attempt it. I love when people can get together no matter who you are what you look like or where you are from.

Also has anyone ever been to Ireland?? It is beautiful see take a look.....

That's just a few of my favorite. These pics have nothing on the real view. It does not even compare to what it actually looked like. I LOVE IRELAND. I'm telling you I am going to have a house there. Killarney, Ireland in Kerry is the best place to visit it is so pretty, or more like beautiful.

Congrats to everyone that has made progress with their weight loss and I am proud of everyone for still sticking to it. You all are amazing and never cease to amaze me. Keep up the great work, and as always I am here with open eyes to anyone that needs help wants to vent or just to talk.


  1. Welcome back!!
    It looks beautiful there. I'd looove to go out of the country. :D

    Oh, and let this U.S drama motivate you, maybe it'll push you harder! Work out your tension, who knows, it might work!

    I'm glad ya had a good time in Ireland!

  2. Thanks :) good advice thats what I'm doing school wide so I can hurry up and graduate and get the you know what out of here. I am def. Going back next year. You should go there too its beyond what the pictures show just don't go to tourist spots or ypu might as well of stayed home

  3. Welcome back ~HUG~
    I am glad you liked it in Ireland... did you find my leprechaun? lol I was born and raised in England and have visited Ireland once or twice when I was younger. It is pretty but I will still have to say Scotland and Wales still are my favorite places :)

  4. I didnt find the leprechaun but I did see the end of a rainbow lol that damn leprechaun stood me up. I didnt just Like Ireland I want to move there or atleast have a house there just for me to go anytime I want. I want to go to scotland too, as well as germany italy blah blah blah lets just say all of europe. I def. want to visit where you are at too i have heard so many good things.