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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The second loss

This is the second time I have received bad news in less than 2 weeks. This is the second loss I have had in less than 2 weeks. Im not good with loss Heck Im not good with emotions in general unless they are good emotions. :( This person was my Dads best friend he was closer to him than his brother. Hell I know him more than I know my Uncle. He was my Uncle. UGHHHH!!!! Tears are rolling as I type but I had to let it out had to reach out vent whatever you want to call it. No Im not going to write a short story on here just wanted to scream a little bit just wanted to let it out. Just wish I would have seen him before this but hey at least I got to talk to him thats more than some people get right? Hes better now hes not in pain hes not suffering and he went in peace which is all i wanted for him and all I could have asked for. Battling cancer for that long puts a toll on you and you body but outliving what they said you would is a blessing spending time with friends and family and going on your own with out hospice is even better. May you rest in peace. WE LOVE YOU AND TRULY MISS YOU ALREADY. RIP UNCLE POWELL!!! Sorry again for this depressing blog. Sometimes its just better to reach out to anybody and everybody you can. I hope I can continue to make good decisions this week and stay on point. even with these two losses and other issues. I can not wait for things to start looking brighter over here. I could really use some sunshine on these dark cloudy days.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your losses so close together.. God will give you strength.  I'm a living witness.  I lost All 3 of my Father figures, Granny & 1st Husband within a 3 year span back to back to back ;( & He gave me strength when I sooo needed it & I know He'll do the same for you.