Do Not Quit

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I found the right one!!

YAY!! So as you all may know I am running the first day of spring challenge. In this challenge you can choose to have a goal dress or not. I have been looking and looking to find the right dress and I found one cute one but today I found THE ONE!!! See in the spring and summer I go to the vineyards for wine festivals and stuff so I wear a spring/summer dress there more comfortable and light weight for outside. The dress I found is overly expensive in my eyes but hey I will basically be at goal if I lose these last 14.4 lbs so this could be my challenge goal dress and my actual goal dress too. Even if it isnt losing 30 lbs is worth a nice present to me :).

So here it is....

Isnt it sooooo pretty!!!! lol It comes in this color (sandcastle) black and chocolate. Im pretty sure I will go with sandcastle even though I love black dresses. We will see.

Did anyone else come up with a dress for the challenge? I can not wait to get the money for this dress and finally wear it. to cute!! I can see me know lounging on a blanket at the winery listening to the bands play and gazing at the stars with a nice glass of wine in my hand. Ahhh I can not wait for warm weather.


  1. I love it.. I'm too short to wear a dress like that.. Lol

  2. Yeah, that is really nice! I can't wait for the warm weather either which is a strange feeling for me. I've always dreaded summer because it means showing more skin argh! But I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with my body so now I'm excited to show off all my hard work! I've still got quite a few lbs to lose til summer though!