Do Not Quit

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please read!

While looking on the internet today I noticed this petition going on. This boy was suspended from school because he is growing his hair out to donate to locks of love. WHAT??!!! He had leukemia and survived and is trying to give back to other cancer patients. The school will not let him come back until he cuts his hair. The schools will not ban a bully but they will start to ban a kid doing a great deed for someone less fortunate. Please if you feel this is wrong and would like to sign the petition for him to stay in school and still help out cancer patients please please please scroll to the bottom of my blog and click on sign the petition. I have had many family members who have had cancer and when they lose their hair they lose a lot of belief in their selves some even think they are ugly. This could bring a smile back to a childs/grown ups face who is battling cancer. You may think this is nothing but if you were in their shoes what would you do? Wouldnt you feel blessed that someone is willing to donate 10 inches of their hair to help you feel beautiful alive and "normal". I believe that every cancer patient never loses any of the three things I just mentioned but some of them believe other wise. Help put a smile on their faces while opening up a gracious door to school children who love to help fellow people.


  1. First thing I thought when I read this was - 'I bet they aren't telling girls to cut their hair!'
    What kind of school...?! Beggars belief!

  2. That is a sad state of affairs. Who says that only girls can grow out their hair to donate for Locks of Love? This school is WAAAAY out of touch with reality and compassion!