Do Not Quit

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dressing up

I hope Im not the only one but I like to do my hair and make up and get dressed all up even when Im not going anywhere lol. I think it pumps up my mood and def makes me feel better about myself. Basically I was on the phone with my friend who was asking me what I was doing and when I was going about my getting prettied up routine she asked why where are you going and I said nowhere and she laughed.... This was odd to me. Am I the only one who does this? There something about sexy or pretty clothing and high heels that immediately puts a smile on my face :) so this is what i accomplished

Sorry about the smudge on the mirror lol and my daughters toys EVERYWHERE!!!

So very random blog just to see if Im alone. TTYL.


  1. I do this sometimes when I'm bored! It really does make you feel better haha. I like your dress by the way :)

  2. I do that all the time. lol. It just makes you feel good to see how far you've come and how good you're looking. Especially when you feel down.
    love the pic.