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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nobody as of right now

Ok so I may close the challenge since I can not seem to get anyone who wants to join. I can always reopen if a miracle happens and people start asking lol. But I doubt that. I'm still doing it though because I have 200 lovely weight watchers members who follow my challenge on their site. I have always done challenges (owner wise) on weight watchers and it exceeds my thought of a successful group but some how or another I seem to fail once I come on here. O well there always next challenge right? I will give it 2 more days and then I'm shutting it down. If your interested please let me now within the two days. I know many people are busy with other challenges already so please don't feel you need to join this one on top of others that's too much on someone's plate just show that challenge whos boss and maybe next time we will meet in a challenge.

I hope everyones new year is going good and their new years eve was a blast. I made some yummy crab cakes last night off the ww recipes and boy was it good. Missing old bay (I'm such a Marylander) but boy were they amazing once added. Well I'm off to a busy day. I will check in later.

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  1. I tried a couple times to join and I got this message....

    We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
    The following errors were found:
    Input error: You have insufficient privileges to access this page.

    Maybe no one joined because they are getting the same message?