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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am excited in a few days The challenge starts :) I do not have members but 2 but its ok it will still continue and I will accept late starters if anyone chooses to join later. I already started this challenge on weight watchers the day after Christmas. I was looking forward to a nice number of participants as I have 400 over there and its only been active for a little over a week. Thank you to the people who did look into it and try to help spread the word of my challenge around. It was very very kind of you. It was just the wrong time to start a challenge I guess. I am going to bring every challenge I have there over here though so after 3/21 I will have yet another challenge lol. Hopefully the outcome will be different. We will see.

Either way this challenge ends I am happy. I have 2 people who have joined and that means a lot to me. I hope they are successful and lose the weight by then. I did alter the challenge a bit. I switched it a couple days ago from 30 to 20+ lbs or make goal because we dont have as much time here as we did over on ww so I figure it wasnt as reasonable.

I wish everyone on a challange lots of luck as well as single dieters. Hope everyone is doing well! TTYL

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  1. Good luck with your challenge! I thought about joining but at the moment I have so much on at uni, I think it is more realistic for me to just try and lose weight at whatever pace haha . Perhaps I will be able to join in with your next one though :) x