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Sunday, January 22, 2012

FDOS Challenge Week 3 And Girls day

So this week I accomplished a lot. I managed to do my exercise challenge and complete 3days. I also fell off on the last day too so shannon you are not alone :). I had lovely T.o.m. stop by for an un welcomed visit on saturday morning (my weigh in day) which peed me off because I gain the first day then it comes off. Well I weighed in at 174.6 (.6) up from last week. Its ok though because I weighed in this morning just to check and this is even after a night of fun and found out I already lost that .6 HOOORAH!! lol

My exercise this week: stationary bike all the way I managed to get about 32 miles in in just 3 days and 125 mins. (it was 31.67 miles i think) which gained me 25 activity points.

I stuck to points all week except 2 (game day of course) and the day my little girl had stuff done to her teeth.

This week I am keeping the challenge for the exercise the same since I think me and shannon are the only ones doing it and we didnt make the last day. I will stick to my points because yesterday was most likely all 49 lol.

Heres the run down for the girls day. Me and tay went to get out nails done and I got shellac nails and a pedicure. LOVE THEM!!! The service was great and people we friendly and really care about you as a customer not just about your money. after our nails were done we made our way up to hunt valley and went to Sakura's japanese steak house (the ones with the hibachi show) I absolutely love this place. The atmosphere is always great and the people there also are outstanding. we had a great meal I chose the filet mignon and shrimp with veggies and rice and tay got salmon veggies mushrooms and rice. After dinner we went over to their bar and had martini's and straight geeked with the bar tender all night lol. I also broke a glass :( damn elbow getting in the way haha. should not have reached for that book, seriously though tay I still believe thats what it said lol jk. They were so nice though wouldnt even let me  pay for the glass so i added a bigger tip and they took it off. Oh well cant say I didnt try. All in all it was a great fun filled night and day and I can not wait for another one. Its been a while since I had so much fun.

Also I bought a challenge dress and ordered it a size smaller so I had something to work my way into it came in and I decided to take a pic of it on so I could see how far I needed to come. well..... it already fits lol here it is 

so how did everyones week/weigh ins go? Did anyone go out and have a blast too. well I will ttyl Have a great 4th week and lets get them lbs dropping.


  1. That dress is awesome!! You are BEAUTIFUL, VERY!!!
    Good luck this week. Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Thanks so much julie!! That means a lot to someone with low self esteem :)

  3. You look great in that dress! Congrats. You've been doing a lot of working out. Congrats on that too. It's not easy to keep pushing yourself every day.

  4. Looking good :) That dress is beautiful. Keep up the good work you're doing great. That's good that you took some time to get out and enjoy yourself.. I can't wait for the next update! Have a blessed day :)