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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update. -Kim-

Ok so I have to update from my phone because my internet got shut off :( I'm officially a brokie I can not even weigh in today because I'm short 4 bucks. O well such is life but the good news is my scale says 182 which means I weigh 183 at WW so o lost 2 lbs atleast this week possibly more. Yaaay! Exciting! I am still trying to get a job but its not looking to well we will see. How has everyone else been? Any weigh ins? Any loss or gains? Any drama you would like to share?? My eyes are open. Well of ypu guys do not hear from me as much that is because of my lack of internet and I hate typing long blogs.on here. Maybe I will try a video blog. Who knows.... well ttyl and I hope to hear from you guys its been awful quiet lately.

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