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Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy News -Kim-

I had told myself yesterday I was going to walk for the spca and get on her and blog. Well as you see I didn't do either. Being as I didn't raise any money in the day of registering it really didn't matter that I didn't show up. So anyway this is what happened to make my day completely stop....

I got a call from my friend in NJ a week ago saying her mother was taking her girls (my god children) to church and the cops showed up on her door step telling her that the guy they were seeing for choir was a registered child molester. Well first off how in the hell does the church fail to look this up??? Don't you have to do background checks on people who work with little kids??  So they took her kids for an interview to see if anything has happened, meanwhile cops were setting him up online. The cop told him he was the father of an 8 year old and would allow him to do as he pleases with her, needless to say he went to them and go arrested.

He then freely admitted to them he was going to go back and "groom" her kids. Her mother deny's knowing him at all or any of this happening, but they know he knows her and she received money from him every week when he brought the kids in. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? Pardon my french but this is mind boggling. I can not believe this I was speechless. The kids are even being interviewed again and they have to report back to my friend because the laptop has a lot of pictures of little girls and they have to go through them and see if any of them are my god children.

How can mothers protect there selves from these situations? How can we trust anyone when we can't even trust a church? WE CANT EVEN TRUST A CHURCH?? WHY? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?? WHHHHYYYY?? It doesn't make sense. church is supposed to be a holy place a place where people should feel safe. Ugh I gotta stop I cant type about this anymore.


  1. Wow, that is insane. But, how many stories do you hear of pastors being child molester's? Seems like they get into the church business just to make themselves look good so they can be trusted with little kids... then they take away their innocence.


  2. Wow! That is too close for comfort.

    I've thought about the idea of registered sex offenders at church before. Think about it-- Church is a place where everyone is welcome, and it offers everyone forgiveness. Shouldn't everyone, including sex offenders, be welcome at the church? I convinced myself that that is the case. However, I don't think it was right for the church to put a registered sex offender in any role where he would have intense interaction with children. That's insane! Many churches are low on funds, and background checks can be expensive. That being the case, registered sex offenders should be responsible for disclosing their status to employers and places where they volunteer.

    I hope your God children are okay. Being from NJ, I think this makes it real for me. Things like this shouldn't happen :(

  3. A guy punched you in the lip?! What the hell?! Man, some people are stupid! And disrespectful. Ergh! Yeah I definitely need some motivation.

  4. Yea thats baltimore for you.... oh well if only he knew he hits like a bitch lol.

    Motivation is out the window for me as well don't feel bad. Ireland was the best motivation I have ever had and I come back to the ghetto and this is what happens. Sad part is this used to be a great area then the city started to move up here. Crazy! I can not wait to finish college and get out of here. I don't want my daughter growing up around stuff like this. She has my attitude I can only imagine. I think when it gets a little warmer out or sunnier I will have a little more motivation or when school lets out. Im gonna be swamped with finals and all the papers and tests before hand. Im gonna research fun ways of exercising and I will let you know what I come across. Good luck.