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Saturday, April 30, 2011

May We Say Drama?? -Kim-

I am starting to realize blogspot has some immature people on it just like facebook. I deleted my fb over drama from young minded individuals that had to comment back to your comments to another person. This was always funny to me because 1. I didn't know them  2. I was not on their page  3. My friend knew and understood what I was saying  4. They just wanted to start shit because it wasn't what they believed.  Well for some reason I fall into young minded people again! I do not see why adults can not let you put your own feelings out to someone you obviously have concern for with out having to get snippy with you or basically say don't write unless you have done your research. Well I hate to burst their bubbles but I don't take nicely to immature people, I did my UNBIASED research on this issue and than spoke out to the person I followed, and still I have to deal with petty comments to me. Hmmm funny because they act like I offended her when I was congratulating and wishing luck to her but saying be careful I don't agree with this because this this and that. So my questions are Why are closed minded people so freaking nosey? Why do they have to have everyone agree with them? Why is it a terrible thing to not want someone you have been talking to for months to end up hurt in the long run? Why is it so important to stick their opinions in a comment directed towards the blogger not the commenters? I did not ask for their advice I did not ask for their nonsense I did not ask for them to act like little babies who didn't get their way, BUT what I asked for with out technically asking was to be adults and let people put their opinions out there with out being judged and if you want to remark back at least do it with respect and with out a snippy tone. When this doesn't happen you get back what you dished out, and then I am done because you are not worth my time!!! I will not continue drama I say my peace and I stop. OOOO and if the persons blog I am talking about is reading this first let me say sorry I wrote back a snippy comment, and sorry but I had to put this out there I leave out your name but I hate drama! Also If your reading this and they are your actual friends Im sorry but they really should have seen my concerns for you and my nice comments with and prior to what I said. I only want the best for you, I may only be a fellow blogger but we have been commenting and motivating each other for MONTHS. I consider you a friend I just have never had the privilege to meet.

Well sorry for the ear load or should I say eye load. Have a great day and I will be posting my weigh in in a couple hours.


  1. Hey, I just realized this is about my blog. I was away all weekend, so I'm just now catching up. I'm sorry if you got offended, and you are right... I can handle the comments and If I want to reply to you I will do so myself. I didn't think you said anything wrong.

    Sorry, and yes, I consider you a friend too! Thanks for always being so motivating and supportive.

  2. :) It's cool seriously I'm not to concerned I just don't understand people but on other news you had me a little worried not posting for 2 days glad to see your ok! And don't stress over your weekend encounter you will be fine you got to have fun once in a while or the diet will get old real quick and you will just completely stop. I don't wanna see you do that so I am here if you need anything!!