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Friday, April 29, 2011

My scale Is Playing With My Emotions -Kim-

So a couple weeks ago I weighed myself at home I was completely stoked I thought I lost 4 lbs in a week. I was jumping for joy. I was actually anxious to hop on the scale and have them say congratulations you lost 4 lbs this week, But instead they said you lost 1.8 lb this week. I was still happy I lost but umm hello what the hell happened to the other 2.8 lbs??

Your probably wondering whats the point I'm trying to get across. Well.... Today I stepped on my always off by 1-2 lbs scale and it said I weighed 177.6. 177!!!! really!!!! "Wait Kim calm down!!" I told myself don't get too happy and then weigh in tomorrow to find out you didn't loose that much. see if I am 177.6 I lost 5.2 lbs in a week. WOW! so lets add 2 lbs to that just in case its off 2 lbs again. I will still have lost 3.2 lbs. Still extremely exciting. However like I said who knows with my scale :( lol

In good news though I went bike riding with my lil girl today for an hour. Finally getting some exercise in yay! she was scaring me though riding in the alley because of cars and she fell once because of the hill :( so we went to the (what used to be) basketball court and road around there for a while. Still I got exercise in just was weird because I was going around in circles. Did any one get in their exercise today??

Also I'm sad to say I didn't reach my miles walked this month. Depressing but hey I had a rough month. I'm just happy I got in what I did get in. I think next month I am putting it back to 40 miles. That's a lot more reasonable and realistic as of right now. We will see how it goes. I have a 5 mile walk and a 3.1 mile walk this month so that's already knocking out 8.1 miles, just a little more than 32 miles to do by myself. this should be interesting. this is finals month and all them last minute tests and projects, which by the way I have tons. O well that's college life for ya!

So how has every ones week and day been? Are you getting your exercise in? Losing weight? Gaining weight? Whats been going on with you guys? lol Sorry I am bored!

Well I will talk to you all later I am off to try to entertain myself maybe some kinect. Happy Friday and TGIF!! Have a great weekend!!

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