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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weigh In And Some... -Kim-

So I went to weigh in today and I lost 1.8 lbs this week. Not so happy but that is def. better than nothing. I need to figure out what I need to do to make it 3 lbs a week again. I think its funny that my scale is now 2 lbs off ww's scale it just keeps getting a bigger gap between weights. Any way I am now 1.8 lbs away from 30 lbs ughh it feels like my body wants me to anticipate this so much that it isn't happening fast enough. This is the first meeting in a while I got to attend because there are too many ppl there on Wednesday nights so I decided to switch my weigh in days to Saturday morning. At the meeting however I got to announce that I have reached my 10 percent and my 28.8 lb weight loss. I got a weight watchers key ring for 10% loss and a key ring for first 25 lbs lost. here they are...

I also pampered myself and did my own nails here's a pic of them as well....

I think they turned out well considering the fact that they are old school glue type and they seem to be very secure. If you ever want temp nails try these they are kiss brand and pearl french tip. The pearl tip makes the nails look real, well in my opinion it does. 

I am also walking in yet another walk, One everyone should know of March For Dimes, March For Babies. It is a walk that brings in donations from each participant to help babies from/with premature birth, birth defects, birth illnesses etc. It is a 4 mile walk that takes place may 14 2011. I am raising donations for this as well if you would like to donate please donate on my personal site

Thank you in advance if you donate even just one dollar it means a lot to me as I know a lot of ppl that had problem with their children at birth or have lost their kids at birth. I also appreciate it because it helps me show how much I care when I raise money for this walk too. Thanks so much.

Well this is long enough. Does anybody have any good news for me??? Anything they would like to vent about? Its been overly silent on here they should change the name to lol haha jk. TTYL keep up the good work and have a Great Weekend. I walk tomorrow :) I will blog afterwards


  1. 1.8 pound loss is still a los, so good job! I catch myself getting discouraged a lot now when my number is below 2lb a week, but I have to suck it up and realize it's better than a gain!

    Good luck on the walk! I really want to get in on a walk myself.

  2. Thanks I know right when I walked out of ww i was like hmm at least I lost weight. The walk is only 4 miles so I think I will be ok Im just worried bout raising the money for it.Oh and you can look online at and they tell you all the walks runs etc in your area if you really want to walk.