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Sunday, April 10, 2011

..... -Kim-

Hello all! So I have one more week of this bs and I will be done!! YAY! Spring Break IS IT REALLY HERE?? lol. I am sorry I havent been blogging lately but like I said I've been busy busy busy and stressed. Ughh I could rip my hair out.
 So I have told everyone just about that I dont think I will have a good weigh in this week :( I just hope I dont gain at this point. I have been eating 31 points a day instead of 30 because they failed to tell me I lost points and I failed to look for myself because they usually tell me. Oh well too late now. I will be happy with one pound this week even though I am aiming for 3 so I can hit an exact 30 lbs. I love how when I step on a scale now days it says 185 not 212. It is such a great feeling.
 I have also been getting numerous comments from people about how good I look and how I look like I have lost a lot of weight. I love that they notice it because I cant! I can only notice my jean size difference I dont think my body has changed. I guess I dont see it because I see myself everyday all day lol Idk but seeing the difference on the scale keeps pushing me to see the 150 on the scale. EXCITING!
 How has everyone else been doing?? I see some people have continues to kick the scales ass as I slacked lol GREAT JOB!! Let me know what else is going on... weight loss, weight gain, stresses, accomplishments, problems, or problems tackled. Keep up the great work everyone. I am gonna push my self to get on track again. TTYL

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