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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weigh In and Measurements -Kim-

I weighed in today and I weirdly am happy to announce I lost 1 lb. lol. Any other time this would frustrate me but with all my cheats and lack of exercise I am happy. I stepped on my scale and it kept switching from I weighed 180.4 to 182.6 (reminder my scale is off 2 lbs from ww) So I went in having no idea what I weighed at my house I was facing I either gained a pound lost a pound or stayed the same. I was actually nervous rather than anxious to step on the scale but I did it and I'm happy with my results.

I also took my measurements last night and am happy to say I lost 3 inches around my belly button area and 3 off of my "pouch" anybody that had a baby or knows the after math of babies know what I am talking bout. 1 inch off my bust and 1 off my hips everywhere else is being stingy, they are here for the looooong ruuuun lol. 

I tried a pair of my jeans on from last year when I was smaller and I can fit into them again :) that was exciting so I went from a 16 or 14(depending on the pants) to a 12 already 14 just slide right off now days. And when I went to old navy with baby girl yesterday I bought 3 shirts which were 5 a piece with 30% off (great deal) I got 2 larges and one medium. I found out I can not wear a large anymore. NOT HAPPENING!! My girls like to sneak out for a peak when I bend over.... tiss tiss I told them they were punished and down graded to the mediums where I am staying for now. HA! 

Now I have some cooking to do for Easter and exercise to try to get in while its sunny out. This weather is making me mad!!  Let me know how everything is and if there's any good or bad news that you want to talk about. Happy Easter everyone I hope you enjoy it and have a great time with friends and family!!  As always Be Safe people like to take advantage of holidays and drive under the influence. Until next time.....