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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh in -Kim-

So let me start off by saying I weighed my self this morning and I weighed 183 lbs. When I came home from school I stepped on the scale again and saw that as always it went up a couple ounces bringing it to 183.8 lbs. It was 3:00 pm and I haven't ate since 8:00 am I was hungry so I gave in and said I'm gonna eat a sandwich. I stepped back on the scale and haha believe it or not but eating a sandwich took me up a whole lb so I was going to weigh in and being my scale is one lb less than WW I was hoping to weigh in at 184.8 lbs but instead I weighed in at 185 CURSE YOU YOU DAMN SANDWICH lol.

Still I guess all in all I'm happy I lost weight on vacation how many ppl can really say that? Not many I know! So even though I know I actually lost 4. Something lbs I am only going to post my WW weigh in 3.4 lbs. Yay me! I'm so excited 35 more lbs to go. I'm almost there!!!!

I do need to get back on track with my exercising. I spoke to some of you about this already. Its hard going on vacation and hiking around beautiful Ireland and then coming back to this place. Ugh the scenery sucks here not a great motivation. It's more like a motivation killer. Then on top of that I have ppl or really miserable ppl trying to ruin me and my bfs relationship and just break me down in general. SUCKS! Goodbye Ireland hello piece of shit Baltimore Maryland. So what is my motivation working hard in school to pack my shit and get the fuck out of this little place I like to call the ghetto!! Sorry had to get that off my chest I couldn't stay pg 13 for that.
So I think Saturday is going to be my kickboxing day and as soon as I get done this homework and catching up my 3 and 5 mile walks are coming back into play.

Also in other good news for me I lost 2 inches off my belly pouch lol one inch around my belly button one inch off my thigh and the sad part I think I lost 1/2 inch to an inch off my booty :( I love my booty I don't want to part with it, my booty and my boobies have grown fond of eachother we have been friends since as long as I can remember... if they leave me I will loose 2 of my closest friend 2 of my best groupies lol Hahaha jk but for real they can't leave me they are my good qualities.... Moving on.... LOL

Anybody else did anything new or accomplished anything since I've been gone?? I'm dying to hear!


  1. hey congrats on losing the inches! Sorry about the sandwich mishap! You will lose it soon.

    Don't you dare let anyone get in between you and your bf! Tell them to take a flying leap or I will come there and bitch slap them LOL

  2. No worries, you're doing great! :D And at least you got to have an amazing vacation, woohoo!!

    Oh, good thinking about the protein thing.. unfortunately Olive garden's nutrition info doesn't say anything about protein. I figure I will go for whatever I am craving when I sit down, which probably will be the chicken because I'm more of a chicken person, but we'll see! Thanks for your advice! <3

  3. Thanks guys! Oh and 7ladybugz please do LOL. I found out why I am slacking a little bit on the loss of weight the nice weight watchers ppl failed to tell me to cut 2 daily points from my days. That might have helped me. So I guess I will be starting that tomorrow as I have already used my points today.