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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break Was Here? Really? -Kim-

So today was my first day back to school after spring break which in my opinion didn't feel like it even happened. I had by far the crappiest spring break ever!! I looked forward to this break for God knows how long and I ended up very disappointed. I had that incident I don't need to get into again my grandmother ended up in the hospital my cousin as well and had to have back surgery.... I could keep going down the list. this was supposed to be a relaxing break not a whats gonna happen next break.

The good news though as you may have already read I did loose another lb. I am now .8 away from my 30 lb mark. Exciting!! I also lost 3 inches off my stomach 3 from around my belly button and 3 from around my belly pouch. Also exciting.

Is any one doing the walk it challenge? I didn't think I was going to but now that I think about it I might as well. lol. I noticed that you get a key ring that says 5k if you complete it too I guess that's why you have to pay 25 bucks to walk. Weird I'm used to raising money to walk not paying. Which by the way I am still trying to get donations for for babies march of dimes on may 14th. My website it donations would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I have to raise money to walk and each of the walking members have a goal of 200 sadly to say as of today I still have nothing :(  I am unemployed or I would pitch up some for myself lol haha I know cheater!! My friend said he would give me 5 bucks and hey every dollar adds up I just need help so I f you support the cause and would like to donate please stop by my page. Thanks so much in advance!

How has everyone else's spring breaks going or just week lol I don't know if a lot of you are in college or not. Has anyone weighed in recently? Any ups or downs? Its been a little quiet on this side of blog spot Just wanted to check up on people. Well I don't have much to say right now so I will ttyl. Good luck and Keep up with all your hard work. From the people updating I see its been paying off.


  1. Congrats on the pound loss! You'll hit the 30lb mark in NO time! :)

  2. I'm in college too but graduating in June, thank God! My spring break was about a month ago so no break for me. Sorry your break was crappy. :(

  3. @ ashley Thank ya Thank ya! I hope to make my 30 lb and some this week. i have been really slowing down on my weight loss. I'm thinking its a lack of exercise I have been slacking something serious. I think once I start exercise again I will pick up on my loss again. We will see.

    @ jess Wow your spring break was early, I hope you enjoyed it. They always seem way too short. Congrats on the soon to be here graduation thats exciting I have some time before I graduate.