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Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy day and a fat week -Kim-

I have been having an as I call it "fat week" all week long!! Fat week is my way of saying I cheated all week long, and I mean all week long. Ughh I know I know what happened right? I never really cheat and I surely do not cheat more than once a week if I cheat. Well lets see besides it being hard to adjust to my new points I also have been out on the go and had no choice but to eat out. I think this happened 3 times this week and that added on going over 2 points a night because I am not used to staying at 30 points is ALOT of extra points. I also only walked like 5 miles this week too. No exercise and too many points.... This means what you ask? Weight gain in worse case scenario or if I am lucky just stay the same. I would say if I'm lucky a weight loss but I doubt that will happen being as I cheated :( shame on me! lol oh well we only live once and I accept all responsibility and have no regrets because I will keep my head up high and still fight my way through.

Now to the busy part. Not only have I been running around like a chicken with its head cut off I have also been trying to keep up with school work(not doing well there, Thank God I have 3 days left) and my lovely daughters needs on top of my nice hectic happenings this week too. So today I decided to take my little girl to see Rio she behaved so well and had a great time, BUT yes but here's the story for that. I left out at 10 something in the morning to make the first showing of Rio, which needless to say had way too many people there to make the first showing. We ended up going to the next showing which was 3 hours later. So for 3 hours we went to old navy so I could buy Kay some new clothes, to Barnes and Noble so I could but yet another points plus cookbook, and out to eat because baby girl was hungry. We looked at 4 different restaurants trying to find one that wasn't packed and that served something reasonably healthy. That by the way didn't really happen. Then I came home to pick up my niece who I have until 9 tonight and have to boil eggs for them to dye. Long day but I am glad I am home to somewhat relax.

How was every ones day? Week? Any weigh in's? I hope everyone is doing better than me. Actually getting their butts up to exercise and staying in points range. Well I'm off to the kiddies. TTYL have a great Friday TGIF! Well... not for me but you guys still have hope lol.


  1. Have you seen this website yet? It's like my eating out bible. :)

    If I can find something healthy to eat at Red Robin and Longhorn (of all places?!) then you should be able to find something at one of the restaurants listed.

    And...if it makes you feel any better, I bombed over the weekend too. However, I maintained and did not gain so I must have did something right, LOL!

  2. awesome thanks so much!! I have been using the calculator and the dinning out book from ww. This might be easier thank being turned down because they dont have nutrition info.

  3. lol I pressed post by mistake i feel slow but as I was about to type yea I see that week had been bad for a lot of ppl but nobody gained they either maintained or lost a 1 lb. I'd be happy maintaining too I was hoping for that or a loss and I lucked out. yay! lol My neighbor also told me they have a turkey burger at red robin that is in lettuce instead of on a bun?? Idk I don't eat there but that might be something to look into