Do Not Quit

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing Catch Up -Kim-

So I have been overly busy with school and lost track of what day it was lol I know sad right. I have 2 more weeks left and I can RELAX. All of my stupid teachers are lazy and decided to jam pack 2 test or 2 papers in 2 weeks and a final. UGH don't they notice or care that most people are taking 4 or more classes? and poor people like me are there 5 days a week!! It tiring I don't get to rest at all. I'm surprised I have the 10 mins it might take me to type this. Well 10 is a little exaggerated but you know what I mean.

Since I haven't been on here I wasn't able to share with you that I bought the month by month ww, so now I get online too. I love online its so awesome with it's features and all. The cheat sheets are my fav. I know all of you have this already or have seen it multiple times on commercials but I have just got to try it out and its cool. I mean a lot of the cheat sheets don't have everything but you can get the gist of it. The log is also easier to use. I do not log ANYTHING I eat or drink. I seemed to have lost more weight when I didn't log. I guess I am ass backwards lol. We will see how this goes because I have been logging every day since sun. If I lose more weight than usual I can no longer say I lose more weight when I don't log. That will be interesting. I did skip a day of logging though, yesterday actually. I kind of feel like it didn't make since to log though seeing as I only ate a fruit bowl which was zero points a salad which was about 4 points and a petite fillet Mignon which was about 5 I am not logging 9 points. It would be a waste.

I have noticed that I have like no appetite at all during the mornings and almost all of the afternoon. I hope this doesn't make me gain because I'm not eating enough. That would suck. I am looking for good loss' each week now. I only have about 28 more lbs to lose til I reach Goal. I'm stoked!! I might end up changing my goal weight when I reach it if I am not happy with my body yet. We will see. I don't want to be 120 again I felt like I looked too skinny then but when I had my daughter I weighed 145 and I felt great. So I figured 150 would be a good goal weight and it keeps me in a healthy weight range. Where are you guys at weight wise now and how much do you have til goal? I don't know where most of you guys are standing weight wise or what you goals actually are. Keep me updated if you feel comfortable doing so. I want to congratulate when I should be :) and keep you motivated when I feel you need a push.

Everyone seemed to have a good weigh in this week and seem to be doing well on their diets. I have read some people fell and got right back up and ended up losing. Great Job!! You have my props. Keep it up. Quote for the day or week if you really like it We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” So look past what things are perceived as and keep pushing forward you may just surprise yourself in the end.


  1. THANK YOU for noticing the difference in my attitude about weight-loss. Lol. This is so much more stressful, time consuming and blah. I never worried before, OR regretted being on a diet. HCG works for a lot of people, and although i've lost a good amount of weight, it just isn't for me... and I'm ok with admitting that. I kinda wish I didn't have to go on the next 2 weeks on it, but I think they require a minimum of 23

    I agree, if you can't go out or have a meal out every now and then, then it's pointless. I'm making a life-change, so for the rest of my life I plan on sticking to eating healthier... I deserve the occasional days of eating something junky and not regretting it.

    You are doing great yourself! You're so close to could totally reach it within the next 3 months! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks so much! and yea I noticed a few days into this diet that you didnt seem as happy and you seemed to be more stressed out. I'm glad you noticed it wasn't for you by yourself or I would have had to say something and had all your followers mad at me LOL. jk. You def. need to be able to enjoy yourself or you will quit I have been there it seems like a million times since I had my daughter. Good luck and I hope it allows you to quit soon too. The hair thing doesn't seem right I never loss hair when I was pregnant neither did anyone I knew.