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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Week Its Been -Kim-

So being as valentines day, my birthday, and my sisters baby shower were all in this week I've decided I need to try to eat more power foods and start snacking on fruits and veggies more so that I don't add a lot of unhealthy and unnecessary points in my day. I've also decided I need to start some extra cardio work outs this week starting today, since Wednesday is my weigh in. Ugh I'm scared that I didn't loose anything this week. Valentines day I had a drink,a crab cake and crab legs for dinner def. making me go over points. My birthday I had a shrimp salad sandwich for lunch applebee's for dinner and chocolate covered strawberries for desert, I went over points but not by much. Then my sis's baby shower I have no idea how many points I ate :( great! I just did little portions of the things I wanted but we went to Sakura's for dinner I ate only half of the half I had since I split my dinner with my daughter but I had a martini. So hopefully I didn't go over by much. We will see what Wednesday brings. On the bright side for my work out today I went up to Loch Raven Reservoir and did some walking and hiking. I walked up the big hill near Providence and then hiked the trails there. 2 hours of hiking and walking with my love while grand mom watched my baby girl. I feel great now, Nice and relaxed! I love nature! Now time to give the little girl a bath and start making chicken Italian sausages for dinner. Hope everyone had a great day so far, and if not I hope it gets better for you. Keep your head up!

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