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Monday, February 21, 2011

Its Kind OF Amazing -Kim-

Good Morning or in all reality Good afternoon! lol. So today when I woke up and I felt great!!! It really amazes me what going hiking for 2 hours does for you and how you wake up feeling refreshed. So I've been sitting in class all morning and still have another class to go :( I feel like all the energy I gave myself is being wasted in here. I was trying to go hiking or for a nice walk today after school but from the looks of it that's not happening. Are we really supposed to get sleet until 10 pm then 3 inches of snow on top of that?? Its almost march COME ON NOW! In other news I need to get in shape so I can do the weight watchers walk it challenge in May! By the way does anyone know where the closest walk is to Baltimore? The WW magazine says its on May 22nd but it does not list any locations. I'm trying to get all my weight watchers girls and guys to go out that day and walk the 5k walk, so if anybody that follows us wants to join just let me know and we will discuss where to meet once it gets closer. Start walking now if your not in shape to do it and in no time you will be able to walk 5kin a short amount of time and you will see how good you feel after every walk. So my lap top died in class so I am posting this later than I wanted but to continue this blog How has everybody been? Any good weigh In's or good news in general? Any fall outs or need advice?? We are here to help. And I haven't heard from anybody :( Hopefully you guys will open up sooner than later.

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