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Friday, February 25, 2011

Whats Is Going On PPL?

Any good news this week if I haven't heard or any good news today? I've got good news about my test for those that were wondering I got a B :) good enough even though I was aiming for an A. On other news... Is anybody else having some crazy weather? It went from snow to 60 mile winds one day to on and off rain that brings out sunny weather to now partly cloudy and I don't even know how fast the wind is blowing, but it almost knocked my fat ass over. LOL. I mean seriously though every thing's flying around, my car was shaking back and forth and on top of that my electric keeps going out. I was going to attempt my walk but I'm afraid I will blow away, not even joking. And from what I hear its just supposed to get worse. So what are peoples plans for this weekend? lol besides dieting... I think I'm going to try out Pilate's this weekend see how that works for me. Idk what else to talk about as of right now and I don't want to bore you all so I will blog later if something comes to mind. Have a good day and if your in Maryland put some weights in your shoes so you don't blow away!


  1. Congrats on your B :)
    Nothing new has happened around here except we did win a new-to-us tarp that had blown its way under one of our cars lol
    Where about on the globe do you live? Your weather sounds a lot like what we are having in the Fraser Valley right now.
    Oh, before I go, Thank you for posting that I made you laugh about the belly dancing post LOL if you think that was funny you should wait for the post about trying on clothes at wal-mart LOL
    talk to you soon

  2. Thanks and I live in Baltimore Maryland. The weather has just been CRAZY here for the past month, I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow so I can get out and walk its boring seeing the same thing over and over again. Oh and don't get me started on trying clothes on in wal-mart well that and target... I look forward to reading that post lol.