Do Not Quit

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It happened again... -Kim-

   So ladies and gents I tackled another 5 1/2 mile walk today. It felt great out today and finally the sun was shining. My eyes were burning to the point I had to put sunglasses on because it was too bright, and the sad part is that it really wasn't that sunny lol. I thought to myself I feel bad for people in Alaska. Could you imagine going months without light my eyes would feel like they were being fried when it finally decided to peer back out.

    Any way moving on to this walk of mine. I had no embarrassing moments today, but I have noticed that people like to laugh at you when your trying to get in shape. The funny part is today it was an overweight woman who happened to be chowing down on a big greasy ass burger from checkerS. I thought to myself really your going to point to me and laugh with your friend ( who by the way is over weight too)... excuse the harshness here... you sit your fat ass in a car and munch down on some high calorie fat greasy ass burger and fries? REALLY? and like 7ladybugs said and let me guess you had all of this on top of a diet coke right? Sorry sweetheart that is not going to make you skinny. I thought everyone knew this. At least I am on weight watchers and walking my ass off to drop pounds. I wanted to go to her window and be like Excuse me but I look better than the two of you put together now and I will look like a model compared to you come this summer, keep laughing bitch! lol i know harsh and I def. sounded conceited there which btw I am not at all. Let me apologize to those with out a sense of humor for what your about to see...
DrPhilYoureFat.jpgSorry I thought that was funny and thats what I think of that woman now lol jk im not spiteful

 I do not get people the skinny people laugh at you because your fat and the fat people laugh at you because you are out showing your fat by working out to get fit. Some people.... Does anybody else have this happen to them or is it just me?? I don't get it now and I wont get it later. I was skinny before and never picked on ppl for being over weight and I am over weight now and would never pick on an over weight person trying to get their life together. Oh well...

   Back to my nice long walk. I found out walking 5 1/2 miles the first day you have to stop and then the second day you walk it like a breeze. Well not really a breeze because when I came to the big hill at the end of my walk my legs started to feel like noodles and I was breathing heavy. I felt like a pervert on drugs lol haha jk. All in all I woke up this morning and my body wasn't sore at all and now my legs are getting there. I'm popping that good ol' ibuprofen tonight so I don't wake up sore and bothered for school tomorrow.  

    In other news....Any body have an interesting weekend? Any good weigh In's? <--- (NOT ONLY FOR WW PPL I'm sure everyone is weighing themselves!) Any funny stories you might want to share? Or any fall outs or venting you need to do? I'd say my ears are open but this is online so my EYE'S are open for everyone! Hope to hear from everyone Good luck all and keep up the good work!!! Best wishes! :)


  1. Good job! Keep it up, and BLAH to the lady in the car with her nasty hamburger! Lol. The only thing gaining exercise with her was her MOUTH opening and closing. :P

    I lost 2 pounds this week. Tomorrow I am starting some Jillian Michael's fat burning diet pills, and gonna (attempt) to get through another session of her 30 day shred video, hoping the pills boost my energy for that one!

  2. Thanks.2 more pounds that's great! I won't know what I lost until Wednesday night. Be careful with energy pills they sometime put too much on your heart, but good luck with that and the video she is one tough woman. Its probably one great work out though. Let me know how it goes. Congrats again on your accomplishments!

  3. I'm the same way with the sun. Especially in the winter when the sun is bouncing of all the snow into my eyes.

    I'm personally afraid to work out in public because I'm freaked out that people are going to laugh at me. My mom is way fatter than I am and when I come home she always grabs my belly or my love handles and calls me fat. I think it's a way for bigger girls to feel better. They get made fun of so then they are gonna make fun of someone else, usually someone they are jealous of.

  4. Yea jealousy is a disease... well at least it seems that way. Don't be afraid to work out in pubic just keep your head up. I used to walk with my sweatshirt on and even if i would get hot I wouldn't take it off until recently when I said to myself WTF am I hiding for? at least I'm trying. If you lived her I would tell you you could join me then we could laugh at those laughing at us lol. Your beautiful don't let anybody make you think other wise. You made your situation temporary by taking the first step to weight loss. Good luck and as i always say let your rolls show lol theres nothing to be embarrassed about.