Do Not Quit

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got To Push Myself! Where are my fellow bloggers? -Kim-

Hello Again!! I have been so busy with school and papers being due, Oh and lets not forget the weather, that I haven't walked for 3 days. Sometimes I really have to push myself to exercise even though it makes me feel great afterwards and when the weathers bad UGH thats just like having to come outside my own body and pull myself out the door. How has everyone else been with exercise and their diets? I weighed in good yesterday but for some reason I feel I could still be doing better. I need to eat more power foods and exercise more. Really I need a bigger support system! WHERE ARE ALL MY BLOGGING BUDDIES??  2 ppl that are supposed to be my support either haven't weighed in since their first meeting (sorry! didn't mean to put you out there you still cheer me on) or has gained a couple ounces. Now I know a couple ounces isn't that much but... I don't only want to share i gained or I quit I WANT SUCCESS STORIES TOO! If it wasn't for me following other ppl I think I would be lost right now. Do you know what its like to have a sister that is pregnant with twins in town? Her cravings are crazy and she gets mad at me when I say I cant eat there! My other support gives in and my sister and her will be eating anything from cheesesteaks and french fries to big slices of cake while I sit there and eat a nice salad. LOL. Thank God I have will power. Well I have to get ready for more school.... this is worse then exercise lol. I will blog later if I have anything interesting to talk about. Till then Keep Up The Good Work!!! And find me some followers lol jk


  1. Aww don't feel down because you haven't been able to exercise due to yucky weather, just do what I do... go shopping! LOL I know it sounds silly but even if you need one item at the grocery store like bread, park in the furthest parking spot and walk the longest way around to the bakery or even go up and down the isles until you get to the bakery. It may not seem like exercise but you are walking and that is the best exercise :)
    Don't get discouraged I am always here to prod you along lol

  2. Yea I wish I could go shopping but I'm a single mom and a full time student I don't have money to go shopping :( I walk around campus all day though so I guess thats good. And thanks I can def. use the prodding :) and the support.