Do Not Quit

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yeah so unlike my extremely happy friend i have been the one struggling on this diet lol. While it does work I just have personal obstacles to overcome. I am very busy, i have two jobs, a three year old, and i'm in college....and all that equals tired. So my goal is to find health quick options for on the go me. My number one on the go food has got to be subway, they're filling and the healthy subs are only 7-9 points. I also have a snacking issue so  my thing is condensing breakfast and lunch into under 10 points so that way i have 10 points to snack in and 10 for dinner. Oh and sunday i bought some chewable fiber pills that are supposed to curb ur appetite with the filling effects of fiber, so we will see how that goes. It seems as though im the guinea pig in the group so i'll probably be trying to add something new every now and then just to see what works, I might even try the lemonade diet again (if Kim lets me lol). Im also going to try to hit the gym as much as possible, i would like to do interval training to boost my metabolism. And also Dance Dance Revolution for when im at home and can't get to the gym.Well im about to head to bed good night!

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  1. DONT DO IT BRITTANY!!!!!! And first of all I tell you not to do double diets because its dangerous and you will most likely gain weight back. Because its a fast fix. You are messing up what everyone is learning from weight watchers. I mean do you by all means but I wouldn't be the one telling ppl to do it and how great it works. Suppose someone tried it and it was too much on their body and something serious happened what would you do then? How would you feel? I know if it were me Id carry that guilt. Please ppl stick to just weight watchers just have a support group I have lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks you can to I will help you. Do not put your body in danger or your heart for quick diets and diet pills. We all have seen the news and seen heart attacks come from these at early ages. And just like atkins diet ppl gain right back. Brittany just call me i can help with meals snacks urges everything. good luck don't do anything stupid.