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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kicked My Own Ass -Kim-

So today I decided it isn't raining I wont get blown away because its not windy enough so I'm going for a walk. I made my own route which was 5 1/2 miles. I started to walk and I thought to myself man this is going to be easy.... HA I got half way and I started feeling the burn in my legs. It wasn't soon after that though when I started feeling energized again yes!!! Well let me tell you people I guess don't care to much about handicap ramps on side walks because I had to keep lifting the stroller up putting it down up and down every couple seconds. This gets real old considering it took me 1 hour and 30 Min's to walk 5 1/2 miles. That seems real slow to me... anybody know how fast that should be walked? But anyway I was crossing the street and the light decided to turn when I was half way through the intersection so I decided to do one of those slow jogs holding one hand on the stroller and one on  my pocket so my phone didn't fall out. Problem is I forgot bout my keys so not only did I look like the fatty trying to run but now I dropped my keys in the street and had to stop and bend my fat ass over so everyone could see a full moon in bright pink(my exercise pants) while the typical fatty holds up traffic EMBARRASSING! LOL. But the guy however I guess didn't see my big ass in the air and almost hit me. Thank god my daughters stroller was already on the curb.... I'm still fascinated with the fact that he missed me. Whatever. So I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Well most likely. Also does anybody else have the problem that their chest hurts after walking, well not hurting, but it kinda hurts to breathe in? Mine does this all the time and then the next day I wake up feeling great! Refreshed and energetic. Tomorrow I will be refreshed and in pain :( Any one do any exercises today that want to share? Or have any funny moments? Just thought I should share that story I might blog again tonight. Let me know if anyone has any news or needs support/answers. Have a great Saturday!!


  1. LOL you made me chuckle when you said about dropping your keys and bending over to pick them up LOL
    I am the one that usually tells my kids that if a driver cannot see me then they shouldn't be driving because i am big enough to see LOL
    I went out today and the temp was -3*C with a wind chill of minus a zillion LOL we went looking for a geocache and the area was so frozen that we couldn't get it LOL
    Good job on the walking :)

  2. Thanks I try! Sorry to hear bout the weather there :( hopefully it gets better soon