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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bored on a Diet -Brittany-

OK....and now for Brittany's corner. So.... i'm bored, and i'm on a diet. I am TRYING to stay away from junk food, but i have cravings so i've decided to face my cravings head on. We all know, when we pick up that damn pack of oreo's (you know milks favorite cookie), when we get home we are going to devour as much as we want with out a care of what the serving size is. I don't care what your into if your anything like me you are going to eat until your satisfied then feel guilty afterward. Well my weakness is sugar, its what I desperately try to avoid it at all cost diet soda, splenda, sugar free hard candies, but when it comes down to it i always find my self in the snack aisle face to face with that golden oreo. My goal for this week is going to be portion sizing the things i love and incorporating them into my points value. I know i wont get them everyday but hell getting what i want some of the time and getting the results i want is better than restricting all of the time and going overboard when i do get them. I don't know if this is the best approach but this is what i can live with. I am going to go back to target and get the little hundred calorie ziploc bags I saw and i want to invest in a food scale as well. This way i buy a snack and then automatically break it down into single serving size portions so i can grab and go on my way to work or what ever. I also need to hook up my xbox so i can play dance dance revolution which by the way is how i lost weight the first time. But so anyways i haven't weighed in in a few weeks so tomorrow i'm weighing in.....Wish me good luck!!!!

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  1. Good luck brittany! and how bout you just buy one of what you are craving so you don't have the whole bag or box in front of you. or better yet avoid them in the store....