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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting To Know Us and Our Story!

First of let me say Hello! WW is def. a great way to loose weight I have tried many diets before and was discouraged until I tried WW, so if for some reason you are having second guesses read our story as we go and you can decide from there. We will be posting pictures soon.

My name is Kim Cole I am 24 years old and have never really struggled with weight until I had my daughter. I went from 120 to 180 when I was pregnant back down to 145 a few weeks after delivering. After I was put on birth control my weight kept creeping up on me, well creeping isn't the word I went from 145 to 205 in just 6 months. I was DEVASTATED!!! :( I tried calorie counting, work outs, carb count, even diet pills. I would loose about 10 lbs and gain right back if not more. Then I heard Points Plus came out so I went to weigh in. I thought I was devastated before but when I stepped on the scale and got that little sticker with my weight on it and realized I weighed 212 lbs I almost lost it. I'm starting this Blog 5  weeks into my journey and I am already down to 198 lbs. My total weight loss as of today 2/20/11 is 14.4 lbs and I weigh in every Wednesday evening so I will def. keep everyone posted. Good luck on your journey and we hope to keep your hopes up. I am going to post every loss, every gain, every accomplishment, and every fall out, so you will know and realize nobody is alone in this. GOOD LUCK!!

Hey my name is Brittany!!!
     Well, i've always been chubby but i had lost 40lbs during my sophomore year in college. Then after i had my baby i gained every thing back plus more lol. The lowest i've ever been was 153 which isn't bad for my body shape i'll always be curvy. But weighing in at Weight Watchers i am now 201, which is devastating! But its been two weeks since my first weigh in so progress is pending. My thing is that im gonna do weight watcher and Alli at the same time this week.

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  1. I am glad someone else is posting about weight loss :) I have been on the super skinny (110lbs) and on the heavy side (245lbs) so I know how hard it is to lose weight.
    Due to medical reasons I can not go on a normal diet so I eat what I can when I can and walk for my exercise.
    I know you three women will be awesome and probably just the encouragement I need :)
    Good Luck to us all :)