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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What a Week

I have been doing great on my life change I do however seem to have weak willed moments a little more often then I am used to. This is strange to me I never ever had these issuse and I seriously cheated three times this week. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF KIM?!?!? LOL

I beleive that everyone is entitiled to a cheat day... well.... did believe that. I think cheat days are what trigger my cravings to start back up and give me my good old cheat day that turns into cheat DAYS! This needs to stop!! like seriously. so my challenge for myself is to only have one cheat day very two weeks and then im going to change that to one cheat day every month. Why? some of you may ask, well, because I want there to be a point in my life that I wont need them anymore at all because the thought of unhealthy food and the taste of it will get me sick. Im pretty much there with carbonated beverages. I havent drank them in so long that when I do the taste is appauling(except one kind, hopt that changes soon too).

The good news is I have not gained the bad news is I only lost a few ounces, but hey a few ounces is better than nothing right? I will be posting comparisons as soon as I log on from a computer that isnt at work lol.

How has everyone else been? I hope doing great! well... until next time keep on losing!!!

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