Do Not Quit

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back on it and doing it right!!!

I am a pretty stubborn person I must say... Failure is not in my vocabulary!!! I may fall down, hell I may even lay there for a while, but I will not fail!!! I started my journey a few years back on weight watchers and I must say I lost a lot of weight a crap ton actually 65 pounds!!! I stopped counting points and boom here comes my weight again. This is he second time. Sad part is it creeps up on me. I don't know how I don't notice it, it's not like it's just 5 to 10 pounds, im talking about 50 lbs. it's like I get comfortable, I let the bad habits come back and consumes me, and weirdly enough I must feel some kind of comfort in it to disregard the lbs im packing on. Right?! WRONG!!!! Now don't get me wrong as I stated before weight watchers is a great weight loss program and I am proof it is effective if you keep up with it, but I'm going to tell you my problem with it. My first problem is it's not for me!!! They claim it's a life dtlr change not a weight loss program but I just don't see it. How is counting points for the rest of your life a good thing? How would you not mess up? How do you get comfortable doing that? And my last question is if it is so effective then why is it I meet more people like me (ones who have lost and gained it back and just repeat the cycle like a yoyo) than ones who lost it and kept it off? Here's what I think needs to be done and here's what I am attempting this time around. No counting!!! Not points, not calories, no counting!!!!!!!!! I'm goinng to train myself to make smart choices, train myself to know off hand portion control, train myself to know when enough is enough. It takes 28 days to make a habit correct? Well I'm 6 weeks into my journey and that's more than the time needed to start a habit and guess what. I have lost 28 lbs. it just gets easier and easier. Yes I have days I mess up, I am human! I have days I resist cravings but that's ok. Nobody is perfect and Id rather be slow and steady than rush and fall back into the same place again. Under Armour said it best I WILL!!!! I will get where I need to be, I will get my mind set, I will make the right choices, I will get fit/healthy and I will do it because I am the only one who can. Nobody is going to make me do it, nobody is going to push me to make the right choices, and nobody is going to feel the effects of my decisions besides me. I will continue to post as frequent as I can to let everyone know my progress and I hope to hear from others as well. Everyone is different and im sure what may work for some won't work for others but we can all learn from each other on our own journey's. We can all be the support for each other, the answers to somes questions, or the ah ha moments to something we would have never thought about. We all will get to where we want to be if we stay motivated and know it takes time, remember slow and steady wins the race!! :)


  1. Glad to hear all is going your way. Keep up the great work. I think what you're doing is the only way to do it. One smart choice at a time.
    Take care and God Bless!!

    1. thank you Julie!!! How has things been going for you? I've been MIA on here.