Do Not Quit

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A little snow... Work.... and BLOGGING

So I am stuck at work while everyone else is off and in bed. Kinda of mad about this lol. But I really do not get it there is no snow on the streets yet. I understand closing early if it gets bad but seriously... nothing is happening or has happened. Oh well Im here and got told I can bring my laptop and do as I please so I said what the hey, sounds like a good time to blog :) I have been going to the gym for the past two nights and all though the first was alone I am loving it!!! I was at the gym until midnight and had to be up today at 5:30. Any other time this would have killed me. Lately I am one of those people who if they do not get 8 hours of sleep feel like I am dragging all day long and since I am trying to completely cut caffeine out of my diet I NEED MY SLEEP!!! Getting back to my point just a week and a half of eating good vitamins and two nights at the gym I can feel a difference in my energy levels. Its amazing what kind of a change something has on your body in such little time. I am loving it and looking forward to warm weather.I have so many activities planned :) CAN NOT WAIT!! so this snow needs to move out of here quickly. We are supposed to get snow today and then go to 50 degree weather tomorrow. my allergies are going to be begging for mercy soon. This has been on going for some time now. I need to get out of house and enjoy fresh weather. So how has everyone been? Looks like a lot of people I followed are gone or mia :( Glad to see a few are still doing their thing and look to be doing a great job. Im proud of you all!! I missed this place and my blogging. Its like a family on here. We give advice when needed, pick each other up if we should fall, lend a ear if someone needs to vent (or an eye lol) we have each other back, we do not criticize, and the best one ever.... we do not give up on each other. we have faith in each other and know we all have what it takes to get where we need to be. We encourage each other to move on to continue to get up to SUCEED. Well I better get back to work, if there is any. TTYL!!! Stay Healthy Think Fit Get Out And Exercise! :)


  1. You are doing awesome. I started out good this week and today got my period and the food found it's way into my mouth. Not terrible food but lots of it. Tomorrow's another day.
    Keep up the great work. Blessings!!

  2. It happens though and like you said tomorrow is another day. I'm sure you will be fine. We all have them days. Thanks